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About our firm  

Melieste Printservice is a one-man business focussing (since May 1989) on the production of Printed Circuit Boards. The PCB´s are manufactured manually. Melieste Printservice is experienced in manufacturing prototypes and the PCB´s can be made in small to medium amounts. We can supply you with your selfdesigned PCB´s at competetive prices. Unlike our competitors, we do not work with start-up costs etcetera  as long as you are satisfied with a deliverytime of approximately 14 days.  We work with the pre-pay principle. As soon as your payment is received, the manufacturing of your order is started . 


Because of the manual production, it is possible that one of our PCB´s does not meet your expectations. When you find a failure, you can return the PCB. We will supply you a.s.a.p. with a replacement PCB of the same lay-out. 

Wronlgy ordered PCB´s can not be exchanged nor can we give warranty for PCB´s manufactured with lay-out films you supplied yourself.  Used PCB´s are not accepted in return either. You should check your PCB before use, in order to claim any warranty.


In case of returning the goods to the manufacturer, pack it in the original package sufficient prepay stamped.
Sendings with postage will be refused.

Providing layouts

The lay-outs of selfdesigned PCB´s should be sent to us in any of the following forms: 


On transparant sheet or positive film which are ready to be exposed. Must be on a scale 1:1 .

On paper. Scale min. 1:2 to max. 2:1. In this case we need to produce a working film.


From your PCB Layout program make a file in  Gerber, *.pdf or *.bmp formats.

From other drawing programs as Windows bitmap (*.bmp).

Scanned lay-outs: please scan with a resolution of  300 DPI in the artwork set-up.

Files can be sent on 3,5 inch diskette or by e-mail


Our products

We produce the PCB´s on Epoxy FR4 material which is  1,6 mm thick and has a copperlayer of 35mµ. Plain copper is standard for these PCB´s . We can not make a soldering mask and componentprint. The doublesided PCB´s are not through hole plated. On request we can use the mechanical way of trough hole plating on places where it's impossible to solder on the component side. 


Melieste Printservice is not responsible for any damage caused directly or indirectly by use of PCB´s or electronic parts manufactured by Melieste Printservice. Neither are we responsible for any damage caused by exceeding the delivery time.



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